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Coming from two different worlds and colliding with one very important mission - to get you healthy and extend your healthspan so you can enjoy your lifespan

CRAIG TILLEY - Artist, Body Mechanic & Wellness Coach, Sustainability Expert

During his three-year position as co-founder and CMO for an agriculture start-up company, Craig was exposed to the many hidden secrets behind our toxic, nutrient-deficient, broken food system.
Craig knew something had to be done to shed light on the industry, but from experiencing the politics and sheer size of the interconnected issues, he was at a loss in his efforts to truly make a difference by changing the industry itself. The search was on for a breakthrough solution!
After discovering a no-compromise nutrition program that passed his highest standards and experiencing tremendous results, Craig began to focus all his efforts on combining his knowledge and passion for helping others into a personal mission to help everyone achieve optimal nutrition that is convenient, inexpensive and sustainable. You can read more of Craig’s story here.

JOYCE BELL - Nurse, Wellness & Fitness Coach, Fitness Model and Master Figure Pro

Joyce is a nurse of 16 yrs. with a Specialty in Cardiology. She served 6 yrs. in the United States Navy during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Joyce is an active member on the Medical Ministry at her church and volunteers at various local fundraising events promoting Health Awareness.
Joyce developed a tremendous passion and drive for healthy living when, three years ago, she said YES to giving her body the best nutrition she could find. She was out of shape and afraid to exert energy because of her cardiac condition. She would hyperventilate with exercise and did the bare minimum just enough to break a sweat.
She was told by her Cardiologist that at the age of 40 it was imperative to have her chest opened to fix her problem, but she was not willing to do that and God sent her a miracle in a nutrition program that changed her life. Now her mission is to inspire, motivate and encourage the next person to develop health goals that are achievable. You can read more of Joyce’s story here.

On the Agenda

During this eye-opening event, we will uncover the truth about what’s really holding you back from optimal health and give you the resources to do something about it. You will leave with, not only the knowledge, but also the actual tools that will help you get to your goals and begin living your 100% Lifestyle.

Your Body
Overview on how our bodies work in response to what we eat, as well as how our bodies deal with the environmental toxins we come into contact with each day. You’ll learn about the two types of fat and how, even if you are not the typical overweight person, this deadly fat could be killing you, increasing your chances of developing heart disease and cancer.

The Health Epidemic Killing our Children
Find out about one of the greatest public health epidemics of all time, and how it is much worse than previously estimated. And it has caused this generation of children to be the first that are expected to lead shorter lives than their parents!

Our Dying (literally) Food System
Discover the truth about the current food system and how, even if you think you are eating healthy, you may be a lot more nutrient and mineral deficient than you think. Why the current 55 yr. old is actually sicker than his parents were.

Why Diets Don’t Work
According to the NAH, 98% of all diets fail. A $50 Billion industry that fails 98% of the time? The concept of dieting is based on reducing calories, which is completely illogical. Instead of counting calories we show you how we are making every calorie count.

What You Can Do Today
We’ll show you what you can do right away and give you the opportunity to access the tools and program that we (and countless others) used to go from malnourished, toxic and out of shape to optimal health in weeks. We will show you the system and explain the science behind it all.

Sharing and Q&A
Hear stories of transformations from teammates and clients who have changed their lives with the solutions. Ask questions and interact with us and the entire group as we help each other digest all the information presented.

Our 100% Promise
We promise to give you our 100%, both in coaching and support at no cost. In fact, we will be by your side during your entire journey and link you into our private coaching group with thousands of people who are on the same journey and sharing their results, recipes and knowledge as we all work together to motivate, inspire and free everyone from obesity and physical pain.

Bonus Session
There are three pillars to living a 100% lifestyle. While your health is most important, mastering all three is where we strive to take you. Adding a healthy mindset along with the freedom from financial pain are the two factors that combine with your health to elevate you and your family to the optimal lifestyle. We will have a short session on money, immediately following the general session for those who want to learn more.

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