What Turned this Visually Impaired Artist and Environmentalist into a Health and Wellness Coach

Craig's Story

I have spent much of my life and career searching for purpose. My family and friends know me as an artist, environmentalist and social entrepreneur. My passion has always been to help others, and while I have been blessed to have some success, I never felt I was making a significant impact.
At the age of twenty, my twin brother and I were diagnosed with a rare macular degenerative eye disease called Stargardt’s. The symptoms came on like a light switch that turned off my central vision and lit up fear and uncertainty for my future.
Finding out you are going blind has a way of putting a dent in your ambitions. You begin to lower the bar and think of a dwindling list of “jobs” you can do to maintain your self-reliance as not to be a burden to others.
However, I decided not to let this stop me from succeeding. This was the beginning of a lifetime of pushing through obstacles and hiding my impairment. I watched what I ate and kept a good exercise habit to stay as healthy as possible and preserve what vision I still had.
My eye condition was bearable, and I was able to function pretty normally…until my 40th birthday, when my symptoms worsened. I tried to get past this new wave of anxiety, but I was worn out and felt like I was losing the race to succeed before my condition would turn the lights off on my dreams.
During this time, I was co-founder and CMO for an agriculture start-up connecting the agriculture industry with knowledge, training and research, focusing on the "NEW" Agriculture Industry where I learned the many hidden secrets behind our toxic, nutrient deficient, broken food system. I knew something had to be done but from experiencing the politics and shear size of the interconnected problems, I was at a lost to see where my efforts could truly make a difference.

Then, after two years of struggling from my declining vision, my brother introduced me to a nutrition system that would change my life and my outlook on what service to others really is

I saw Eric’s results using the system…then my twin brother’s. I heard how clear-headed and great they were feeling. Knowing I needed clarity and focus, I jumped in.
After a few weeks, I was amazed at how I felt both physically and mentally. I began to think clearer, my energy was up, and I was back to my ambitious self.
As I learned more about the company and its commitment to no-compromise products, integrity and family culture, I quickly began to understand what made this opportunity so special. With the amazing systems in place to help with, not only optimal health, but achievable wealth creation, I had my “Aha moment”. This program, this amazing community of positive, caring people could make it possible for anyone to achieve their ambitions no matter how impaired.
I had a new purpose, a new way to make a bigger impact in this world. Not only could I help others become healthy, I could bring hope to those who have given up or accepted a mediocre life because of their disability or personal struggles.
This is what drives me! I now have the platform and solutions to help inspire and empower others to take control of their lives, and help free people from physical and financial pain.

If you or someone you know have been struggling to live the life of purpose and prosperity you desire because of a disabling impairment or life circumstance that has made you feel like you are stuck, please reach out to me for my support and guidance. I am hear to listen and help.

Craig Tilley

Text or Call: 770-355-7779

Email: craig@tilleybros.com

Facebook Private Message (PM): https://www.facebook.com/tilley.craig


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